Abandoned History : Lockport, New York



Abandoned History : Lockport, New York by James M. Boles, Ed.D.

Abandoned History is a series of research based articles published in The Lockport Union Sun & Journal in Lockport, New York, with an emphasis on early care and healing. This focus allowed the author to uncover unknown history about institutions and alternative medicine, including medicinal springs and early doctors.

“James M. Boles has once again presented us with a well-written, informative and fascinating look at the forgotten history of Niagara County, particularly in and around the city of Lockport. As with his previous publications, this book chronicles various aspects of local history related to the health and well-being of our ancestors that has been either lost to time or otherwise forsaken. The book covers four topics: mineral springs that were once promoted as therapeutic cures; government and charitable institutions that cared for the most vulnerable people in society; food products that were thought to be beneficial to one’s health; and those who practiced the art of healing using non-traditional methods. Boles is uniquely qualified to write these histories as he possesses a background that combines education, health administration and historical research. It is evident from each of the stories that he is thoroughly acquainted with the subject matter and spent time combing through archives and interviewing individuals who have knowledge of these long lost places. The text is accompanied by historical images as well as contemporary photographs of what is there now. This publication is a great resource to anyone who loves local history, be it the serious scholar or the casual reader.”


— Ann Marie Linnabery, Assistant Director, History Center of Niagara



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