Teddy Bear Princess: A Story about Sharing and Caring by Jewel Kats




Teddy Bear Princess is a magical story for all times! Unlike other fairy tales, the concepts of sharing and caring are seamlessly woven together. Teddy Bear Princess is a sweet, plush Royalty figure who deeply values her friendship with unicorn, Zumba. Luxury may be at her fingertips, but it’s Zumba whom she holds nearest and dearest. Together, this duo flies sky-high in their quests to give. Teddy Bear Princess is sure to delight children and fantasy-enthusiasts time-and-time again. Teddy Bear Princess illustrates that material goods can never replace a meaningful friendship. Despite being Royalty, Teddy Bear Princess works hard to find berries in castle fields. This instills the value of depending on your sheer efforts to succeed. Teddy Bear Princess and Zumba not only receive joy amidst their travels, but partake in pleasure by sharing found goods with unicorns in need.

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Weight 3.20 lbs
Dimensions 11.00 x 8.50 x 1.00 in


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